Glass Types

Clear glass provides the highest light transmission & the highest heat gain of all glass.  It can be used in double glazed units.  Is available in toughened & laminated form for doors & low level glazing.  It is ideal where winter heat gain is needed & high daylight levels are required.
Grey tinted glass is the most common & our standard tinted glass.  It provides a lower light transmission, reduced summer heat gain, gives privacy during the day, reduces glare & fading of furnishings.  It is used in the outside pane of a double glazed unit.  It is available in toughened & laminated form for doors & low level glazing.  Ideal for large expanses of glass in north & western elevations & enhances the sleek look of modern homes.  It is ideal where privacy is an issue.  It should be noted though that tinted glass is not one way glass & will give no privacy when it is night time & lights are on inside.  Other tint colours of tinted glass are available but are more expensive, they include green, blue & bronze.
Cathedral glass is a classic patterned glass used in bathroom & ensuites.  It is available in laminated form & can also be used in doors.  It can be incorporated in double glazed units.  While it is an obscure glass shapes & movement can be seen through it.
Translucent glass is 2 panes of clear glass laminated together with a white translucent interlayer.  It gives high daylight levels with a soft pale white finish.  It is completely obscure & can not be seen through at all.  Suitable for entry doors, door sidelites, bathroom windows & any other areas that require light but total privacy without the use of curtains or blinds.  It can be incorporated into double glazed units.  A sleek & modern glass.

Dargavel Windows can also provide many other glass types which we source from Viridian Glass.  A link to the Viridian Glass website it provided below along with some examples of the most common glass types used by Dargavel Windows Pty Ltd.

Viridian Glass Website