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Thermal-Break Windows

Therma-Break by Dargavel Windows

By thermally breaking an aluminium window (aluminium being a very good conductor of heat) we are inserting an element – in this case polyurethane – which acts as a barrier between the inside & outside sections of the frame. This process prevents the flow of energy from inside to outside therefore creating a much more efficient product.
As well as providing better energy rating outcomes than conventional aluminium frames there are many other great benefits for the home owner including a reduction in condensation formation on the frame members themselves & a reduction in sound transmission due to the breaks ‘dampening’ effect on vibration.

In comparison to other frame materials giving similar energy benefits, thermally broken aluminium:

  • is available in all the decorator colours Australians have come accustomed to via the powdercoat process
  • can use larger, more expansive panes of glass to take in our great vistas
  • uses the same installation methods (via reveals etc.) that our builders are all used to

Because Dargavel Windows Pty Ltd have complete control over the production of the windows, from the powdercoating of metal, full machining of the components on the most modern & precise machinery available, the insertion of the ‘break’ via the pour & debridge process, the in house production of the double glazed glass units on a state of the art double glazed line as well as quality assembly procedures, quality is assured.

When purchasing ‘thermal break’ window frames from Dargavel Windows Pty Ltd (a company operating since 1978 in the window manufacturing industry) you can be assured of a high quality product at a most competitive price.