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Common window products we provide statewide.

Below you can click to reveal a short explanation and where applicable some relevant images or documentation to help guide you when making choices. These are the most common of this division, but please feel free to contact us if you have something different in mind.

Awning Windows

A perennial favourite, the awning window complements any home. The elegance of the uninterrupted pane of glass combines superbly with the sturdy frame, making the awning suitable for almost all conditions. Awning windows come with a smooth chain operated winder to enable you to regulate ventilation – even when it’s raining. If security is a concern the fully enclosed chain winder shuts securely and is available with the option of a keyed lock.

The opening can be deadlocked in any position.  Keyed locks come as a standard feature.  For high corrosion areas stainless steel chains are available.
Flyscreens are integrated neatly into the inside of the frame & are easily removed for cleaning.
Awning windows are also easy to clean because of the square flat surfaces of the frame & without hard to get to channels.
The MK10 window is the single glazed version. The MK15 is the double glazed version, which is purposely designed to take a double glazed unit with a 12mm air gap.  Both versions look similar in appearance so that they can be used in the same project & will still complement each other.
Many designs are available in this style of window & are the most cost effective window to double glaze

Awning windows are hinged from the top which allows the window to provide ventilation even during rain.

Sliding Windows

Proven performance and reliability – that’s what to look for in a sliding window. Our sliding window has both. Designed in Australia for Australian conditions our window has stood the test of time while evolving into the contemporary window it is today. The 55mm frame provides added strength and superior style. The height adjustable latch provides flexibility. Vent locks can be fitted for extra security. This enables the window to be locked in a slightly open position giving ventilation without sacrificing security.
Flyscreens are neatly recessed into the outside of the frame & are easily removed for cleaning.

Sliding windows make excellent kitchen servery windows & are available in a range of designs.

While sliding windows are not the best or cheapest window to double glaze it is an option.  However, it is only possible to make them with a double glazed unit that has an 8mm air gap.

Proven & trusted – that’s our sliding window.

Casement Windows

For that touch of class many home owners opt for the casement window, as it combines good looks with functionality. Hinged on the side the casement window offers the flexibility to capture as much, or as little, of any cross breezes and really opens your home to the outdoors when opened fully. Casement windows use high quality stainless steel sash stays.  Dual arm casement operators provide 90° openings & are fully operable with flyscreens fitted to the inside of the window.

Casement windows are available in both single & double glazed with a 12mm air gap.  Although the cost is higher than awning windows they are a great alternative when high ventilation is required.  While many designs are available there are some limitations on the size of the opening sash.  Generally sash widths are limited to under 800mm wide.

An easy window to clean & maintain with unsurpassed ventilation.

Casement windows feature stainless steel stays that enable you to regulate ventilation to ensure comfort.

Louvre Windows

Louvre windows offer a distinctive look & unsurpassed ventilation control.
Today’s modern louvre window use close fitting plastic clips to hold the blades in place & provide high wind & water penetration resistance.  They are attached to aluminium frames with purposely designed weather seals at the top & bottom.  The plastic clip & handles can be colour matched to a wide range of powder coat colours.

Louvre blades are available in various glass types or aluminium.  They are available in either the standard 152mm width or slimline 102mm width.
Louvres are available in single glazed only.  They can not be double glazed.
Many designs are available including multiple banks of louvre openings or can be incorporated with fixed glass panels.

Commercial Window Framing

We supply all types of commercial window framing requirements.  Shop front windows are not only the domain of commercial projects but are often incorporated into domestic buildings as well.

Although more expensive than domestic window framing they are often used for large single panes of glass or multiple large panes in a single window.
They are also used where silicone butt joint windows are needed, porch frames, windbreaks & other situations exposed to the weather.

Shopfronts are often fitted to the building through the glazing channel first & then glazed onsite which covers the fixings. Most domestic shop front applications come with reveals & are installed the same as domestic windows.
Shopfront framing can be incorporated with doors, opening windows & bi-fold doors to construct seamless glazed walls.

There are three (3) main types of shopfront framing all having the appearance of a rectangular box.  They are listed below;

300 Narrowline

300 Narrowline

  • 76mm x 35mm in size.
  • Single glazed only glass from 4mm to 10mm thick.
  • Used for smaller shopfronts, silicone butt joint frames & are excellent as an internal partition frame to offices or homes.
  • Can incorporate hinged doors & opening sash windows.
400 Narrowline

400 Narrowline

  • 101mm x 44mm in size.
  • Single glazed only glass from 4mm to 10mm thick.
  • Used for larger windows, shopfronts, silicone butt joint windows & areas of high wind load.
  • Can incorporate hinged, sliding or bi-fold doors as well as opening sash windows.
425 Double Glazed Narrowline

425 double glazed Narrowline

  • 101mm x 50mm in size.

  • Double glazed unit up to 28mm thick.

  • Used for all larger double glazed windows whether in single pane or multiple large panes.

  • Usable in all wind loads Can incorporate hinged, sliding or bi-fold doors as well as opening sash windows.

We offer many other framing options used in both commercial & domestic applications.  They can range from 25mm x 25mm x 25mm glazing channels right up to 150mm x 50mm Narrowline framing.

It should be noted that some very large panes may not be able to be done due to warranty & transport issues.  There are also occupational health & safety considerations that we apply due to the weight & or difficulty of access to a site if we are required to site glaze any pane.